About The Company

Hydronic Components Inc (HCi), a Jomar Group Company is a proud partner with Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA, and has led the balancing and coil piping package industry for over 25 years. HCi's coil piping packages has revolutionized hydronic installations by using quality engineered combination valves to minimize the time and space required to install hydronic terminal units. In addition to the preassembled packages we offer manual and automatic balancing solutions, Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV), 6-Way Control Valves, flexible hoses and our patented Filter Ball design incorporates an intergraded back flush feature. HCi components are 100% leak tested and bagged & tagged into a single package for easy installation.

Meet the Team

Adam Stier


Nick Miller

General Manager

Jason Spicko

Production Manager

Brian Aichele

Central Regional Sales Manager

Jeff Reardon

Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Caitlin Clark

Inside Sales Team Lead

Ben Stewart

Inside Sales

Sage Gendron

Hydronics Estimator

Mona Ben Aoun

Hydronics Estimator

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Warehouse Associate

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Warehouse Associate

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